Sunday, 17 August 2003

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So, i'm sitting in the toronto international airport, writing this on the worlds stickiest, crappiest, most hard to push keypad! the flight was a blast, it was everything good that everyone said it would be, it wasn't scary or nauseating or anything. i think my family and friends will shudder to note that i may have developed a taste for travel.

Ye gods and little fishes-how weird is this? I can't believe i'm really here doing this. it's ten to five eastern time and my connector flight leaves at 7 40. then i'm actually in St.John's. wunderbar! It's so surreal to be here, surrounded by fellow travellers, looking out the window at all the docked planes, typing on a pc that probably has some mad, crazy germs on it. thank god for Purell!The weirdest thing about travelling for me is that I always connect with some form of fellow woman traveller. On the bus, it's usually little, old ladies telling me about grandbabies and lost husbands. Today it was a 13 year old on her way home from visiting relatives. She is worried about starting grade 8 at a new school, she really wants a rottweiler pup to name spike, and she loves her stuffed animals. She also has a 13 year old attention span and was almost going crazy with boredom by the end of the flight. she was very peeved and embarassed when the fight attendant told her she would have to be escorted to her mom, as she is underage.

The actual departure from vancouver really happened without a twitch, and though there was a few tears-you know who you are cryers!-i made it to the departure gate with little fuss. once through, i proceeded to act like a shaved monkey for the security staff, but they were kind and patient. I guess that airport tax of $10 really did pay for something.

So, i bought postcards and am going to go fill them out as i am just that lame.

Next entry will be from the rock itself! not sure when i can get it out, i'll probably hit an internet cafe somewhere along the way. Some new images will be forthcoming just as soon as time and money allow for picture developing.

So hello from t.o. and talk to you soon from the moon.

Venus Fangs, graceful traveller

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