Wednesday, 6 August 2003


I have no job.

Yesterday was my last day at my sad little cheque cashing job. I say it was sad, and don't get me wrong it was, but it's also gone. Like, gone Daddy! I don't have to serve mouth breathers who make the term "Lowest Common Denominator" sound like praise. However, I also don't get to talk to those few people who made that job worthwhile. And I have no money. Poo.

I have no home.

A few days ago my roommate and I moved out of our messy, but comfortable, two-bedroom. It was too much hard work, and I have to wonder if we were actually more stereo-typical and "girlish" if we would have had an easier time of it. I mean, even in today's modern, urban, gender-bending freakout, there couldn't have been two more messy, college frat, truck driving type chicks! Lazy? We prefer the word comfortable!

I now stay with above mentioned roommate in bachelorette pad royale, and am visiting family. Great, but also merde.

I have no money.

I have too much crap to do, and not enough money to do it with. I strongly suspect that my accountant has mishandled my funds. By "accountant" I mean "me," of course.


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