Thursday, 14 August 2003

Wait for it.....fourth...

Well, I'm feeling like quite the Space Age minx with myown little site! What a wonderful thing for such acomputer illiterate thing such as I.So, before I explain my self, I need to thank my lovely brother for putting this all together for me. He is my Web Master extraordinaire! If he hadn't put up with me and all my cracked out ideas it would have never been put up at all. His patience is endless. Although, it should be noted that it was only after he actually did what I told him that things came together.

And now, what the hell does "Venus in Fangs" mean, and why do I want to add my crap to the already glutted World Wide Web? Well, the name is one I came up with a while back and thought it was just plain cool sounding. However, I'm not exactly known for my "cool quotient." I do like the name; I think it has a gothic sound, and also has a strong feminist feel. You can think spooky, but Venus was also a goddess, and the "Venus of Willendorf" is the name of the oldest goddess artifact ever found. So, a strong woman-or woman as goddess-image is created, and the fangs only make her seem more angry and wild. Now, I never said that I was a weird, wild, angry, goddess-like creature. I think that might actually be too cool for my present sedate lifestyle. However, this leads into the second topic-why have a site at all?

My intricately carved rut is about to be abandoned for a huge new landscape. Leaving BC, I'm heading from one coast to the other to attend University. The farthest Eastern city in North America, St.John's, Newfoundland, will be my new home for a few years while I work at getting my Bachelor and Masters degrees at Memorial University. Very weird. Very wild. Very wonderful. Also very vomit inducing, but we won't talk about that right now. So, in making the choice to run off to the Maritimes, to go without knowing anyone there, without ever having left BC before, without any knowledge of what to expect-yeah, I'm feeling pretty mighty right now. If this keeps up it can only be a matter of months before I'm throwing lightning bolts around!

So this is the experiment: can I survive and succeed, or will I surrender? By having a general voice here I can keep all those loved ones, aquaintances, etc. informed of the trials and tribulations, the wee and grand successes, the ups and downs of this lab project.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoy the exploits of your intrepid explorer Venus in Fangs!

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