Tuesday, 2 September 2003

Falling forward...

Well, well, well, faithful fans. I'm back and almost ready for action! Let's here it for school computer labs: Hip Hip Hooray!! Without it, I would still be the voiceless little ragamuffin I've been for the past 2 weeks. And those who know me understand--that just can't be!!

So, I've been in Merry Ol' St.John's for about 2 weeks. I arrived on the 18th of August at about 1:30am Newfoundland time, all alone and confused as hell! There were people waiting at the airport for their loved ones, and I had a moment as I realized that no one was there for me. Awww, poor me.

The Newfoundland cab drivers, a blustery-mad-driving-but-kind-hearted lot soon took me in hand, and 2 or 3 of them got my bags into the boot, and my driver and I whisked away into the rainy Newfoundland night. He was very kind as I told him that I was not staying for a week or two, but at least 3 years:"Jesus Christ, my love, what the hell would you be wanting to do that for!"I told him I was a student and knew no one, at which he said:"Ah, my love. I have a friend as comes from Toronto. He didn't know no one when hecome, and just decided to go to the pub for something to do. Well, three weeks later it was his turn to cook everyone supper!"Very sweet. The hotel was a welcome thing, as I had a bath and a bed to recoup after my looooong day of travel. The next day I had another Toad of Toad Hall at the wheel, and we flew through the streets of St.John's, him pointing out the different places and the school, and me hanging on for dear life! Once again, the cabbie took pity on me and said that I'd make friends in no time, and hefted my 70 - 80 lb bags as if they were kittens! When I commented on his fine set of Newfie muscle, he took his hat off, turned red, wiped his face and said: "None of that, now, none of that." and ran to his cab and peeled off. Too cute.

So, my landlord is one of the sweetest men, and he's put the word out to the building that the poor student from BC has no furniture. So, it comes trickling in: a single bed, an end table, a wicker rocker, a stolen chair from the seniors room (landlord did this, not me!), a lamp. Soon I'll actually be a real apartment dweller again, and not a squatter!! And, I've taken to keeping a sharp eye on the garbage shed out back. It opens with an actual door, and someone actually threw out a perfectly good dresser! It just needs a bit of fixing on the drawers, which should be no problem. Yep, squatter, dumpster diver, penniless-I've really come up in the world!!

And, I already have a few friends in the building! A few older ladies on my floor get to walking around the park, and I am one pair of huffing lungs among them!! These women couldn't be more kind, gracious, and thoughtful. Without them I think I'd still feel like a piece of flotsam (or jetsom??) floating around like a dead seal in the Atlantic! Slowly, I'm getting myself aclimmated to the new surroundings.Though I was surprised to find that I have an accent! I never had one before, so I'm not sure where it came from...maybe the plane??

So, the next entry will be one of school and classes! And some pictures will follow very soon, as well.

Stay tuned to the same Puffin time, same Puffin channel!!


p.s.some Newfoundland terms (perhaps a whole section will follow as I gather these up)

"around the Bay" or "down the Bay"--anywhere outside of the city"decked out"--dressed up nicely, as for evening out"kick you in the cussocks"--not entirely sure, but it must have something to do with the male addendums

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