Saturday, 12 July 2003

First Post

Since I'm still packing, I'll bend your ear with a work story.

I work at one of those cheque cashing places-it will remain nameless-but you know the kind. It's a rather big and well-known place, and because of it's huge coporate-itude, they try to do little things to keep those grunts on the bottom rung feeling special.

Some examples:

1. They will give you little awards at certain times of year. These are printed to look like diplomas or degrees, and you get a $20.00 gift as well. They are for things like "Cash Handling" or "Team Spirit". In other words they are for "Nothing".

2. They have a company Christmas and Summer party. This can actually be fun...oops, did I say fun? I meant shitty. These parties are psychological experiments on what exactly a co-worker looks and acts like when he/she is drunk and sloppy, throwing up from too much turkey/sun, all the while being glared at by upper management. Weeeeeee!

3. We have something called a "Manager's Notebook" in which all our good and bad behavior are recorded by our managers. Little mistakes, big mistakes, times you helped out-all go in here. When I was in early high school I read "Little Men" by Louisa May Alcott, and Jo keeps a record of all the trials and tribulations of her "little men". This book makes me feel like a little man and I hate it. Besides, it's got to have a 3-to-1 bad-to-good news ratio anyways.

Aaaaaaah work! How I can't wait to get back to sweet, sweet upper education and leave you in the dust for another few semesters.


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