Monday, 14 February 2005

Valentine's Day Bleh...

Well, Valentine's Day has come and nearly gone again. And good riddance I might add. I have never seen a more trite and contrived holiday, and more desperate men in the mall, in all my life. However, I'm extremely bitter as I have broken my glasses, and they are held together with scotch-tape.

Yes! You heard me, scotch-tape. *shiver*

And I actually went to school like this as I could not get them fixed until tomorrow. Bravery, thy name is Venus. Pride, Dignity, you have no place here.

Anyways, I've been busy, busy, busy again. Trying hard to keep up with 3 jobs, 4 roommates, full time school, papers, and a wee bit of TV watching. I have too much to do, and too little time. But in general school is good, and life is ok, so how can I really complain. Oh yeah, by typing this blog...

Had our Anti-Valentine's mixer on Friday. It went very well and was a blast. This is now the second mixer that I and the other roomies/exec. have planned, and it was a lot of fun. Lot's of work too, and that tires the crap out of me, but it feels like it's worth it so what the hey.

And (sorry mom...turn away, TURN AWAY!!) I have actually spent a week mostly sober. One aspect of having a bit more time to flit around, especially since I'm spending said amount of time in Newfoundland, is that drinking seems to occur a bit more often. Yes folks, I have been carousing. I have found a little hole-in-the-wall, sketchy pub called the Peter Easton Pub right down the street from my house. Peter Easton was a pirate, you know. Oooh. So, when the spirit of P.E. entered me and told me to start drinking, against my own tea-totaling nature, I truly had no choice.

Man, what a sketchy little pub though. It's actually a good place to go and have a drink as you don't want to do it too often...the regulars remind of you of how good life is when you don't have a mullet and broken veins on your nose. However, the bartenders are 3 cute young b'ys who like to buy us drinks as I think they are desperate to have more non-mullet wearing customers.

On a less debaucherous note, I have also applied for Grad school and it seems pretty likely that I will get in. This means another 2 years on the Rock. Thought I might get off early for good behaviour, but you see what happens when you let the evil spirit of a pirate take over your person...

Speaking of which, I'm going to commune with the mostly dead by becoming one myself. In other words I'm going to beddy-bye. I'm hoping that I won't have to spend another scotch-tape wearing day, or it may turn into a scotch-drinking day as well.

G'night, and Aaaaaaargh,

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