Saturday, 30 August 2008

Oi, Premier!

So, you know you're back in Newfoundland when...

After a glorious summer in BC, hanging with the fam and rockin' the hot temperatures, I'm finally back in Newfoundland to start my PhD. That's right, finished the ol' MA, and I'm back for more punishment. I mean, I'm nothing if not masochistic!

Upon first arrival home, I spent the night with wonderful friends, Mitch and Kristine, as my sub letter had one more day before returning home to Ireland. No sense sending her packing for just one more night, after all. Next day, Mitch, being the kind and helpful young lad that he is, helped me wheel my 2 giant, overstuffed suitcases down the hill, with my various other flotsam and jetsam, to get it into my apartment. As we were walking (we only live a block from each other) past an intersection, cases rattling along behind us like mechanical lambs, I hear a man's voice from the car in the intersection waiting for us to pass: "Running away from home?"

Well, it was none other than good, old Danny Williams. Who is Danny Williams, those from the Mainland ask? Why, Newfoundland's Premier, of course!

Yes, I was heckled by my provincial premier from a passing car, signaling that I was no longer in BC--with it's snooty politicians with their body guards and "don't talk to me" attitudes. I was now in Newfoundland, where I could shout out, "Not if you keep the economy good!" in response to a saucy quip from our conservative leader.

Aaah, good to be back!

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  1. haha what the Hell? Danny must be stalking you/the crowd. Remember he almost ran us over at that intersection near your house when I was visiting in April? haha

    -the Brent