Saturday, 2 December 2006

Irony, Thy Name is Snow

Yes, ladies and gents, the irony is not lost on me that St. John's, Newfoundland is quite balmy, and that Vancouver and the lower mainland has been hit with what Newfoundlanders affectionately call "weather." Ah, how the tables have turned at last. It was only last week that I was taking off my sweater in order to not sweat to death waiting for my bus. Now, to be fair, it has recently become colder, and snow has started to attempt to fall. However, every time it does, the darned stuff just melts away. We can't pay it enough to stick around.

Ok, ok, let's face the time the season ends we will have much more "weather" than y'all will ever get, and I accept that. It's just nice to have the reprieve once in a while, and to laugh uproariously at those people who call me and tell me about their gardens when I'm up to my ass in white stuff...and I ain't talkin' cocaine!!

In other news, I have finished my last class for the MA program here at Memorial. It's such a weird and wonderful feeling to be almost done. I still have a couple papers to, but then I'm done the course work section of the Masters degree. Then it's only the simple task of fieldwork in New Orleans and writing a thesis by the middle of next summer. No sweat...


Had the weirdest Christmas party ever! The Folklore Society (of which I am no longer president...the queen is dead, long live the queen) and Classics Society kipped together and had a joint Christmas party at the Masonic Temple, aka the Mason Hut, as one of the Classics boys is a Mason. During the party we were treated to a tour of said Mason Hut, and given a history of the building and small glimpse into the world of Masonry. All I could think of was the Simpson's spoof regarding the "Stonecutters" and kept wondering if I would suddenly freak out during the tour and start blowing my nose on some sacred artifact, thus causing a riot. Especially since it is such a male-dominated society, the thought of me being somehow "inappropriately female" was quite tempting--like ripping off my sweater and dancing around in my bra to "I'm Every Woman" or something. It was definitely an interesting tour, and the history of the building is fascinating, but not exactly the most party-ish thing I've ever done.

Well, back to the grindstone.....oh dear, the Mason's have got to me!!! Ha ha! Well, that or too much caffeine today. Wish me luck on papers and proposals! Then I get to decorate my apartment!! Weeeee!!!

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