Sunday, 25 April 2004

Da Rock...

So, my second semester is over, and I'm heading into my third. Haven't received my marks yet, but they should be out next week. I'm sure I did alright, although I can see why so many people have problems with the Germans—Curse them and their grammar-ridden language!

So, I'm now double majoring in both Folklore and English. This is a wonderful revelation as I loves me English! Plus, I only needed 2 more courses, and they fit in nicely in my already ongoing program anyway. Wunderbar! Only one more year and I have my degree. That is, if I can survive it here.

You all notice the date? Yes, that's right April 25 th . Only a week away from May. Yep, it's snowing. Started sometime last night, and now there's snow all over the ground. I just can't take it. What the hell is wrong with this province?? And what the hell is wrong with BC that they can't offer a Folklore Studies program anyway? Sheesh.

Summer semester should be ok. I have 2 Folklore and 2 English courses, so I'm taking all the things that I love. Woo hoo. I think I'll be moving this summer as well. Some peeps from the Folklore Department and I are planning on getting a house together in the fall. Gillian, Anya, Leslie and Leslie's boyfriend Nick and I will all kip together for the sake of saving money and good times. (Nick is not in the department, but he's welcome as hell!) Gillian and Anya have gone home for the summer, but Les, Nick and I think we'll find the house this summer. Then things will be nice and neat for the fall. Plus, then the three of us will rule the house, and the girls can be our slaves!!! Bwah ha ha!

I'm watching “Escape from Alcatraz” and it suddenly seems to mean so much more to me. Escaping from the cold and inclement rock…hmmm. Maybe I should make a dummy of myself, leave it in the Folklore Department and come home on a raft made of rubber boots and beer bottles. Anyone interested in putting up a fugitive from the rock?

Well, still trying to get some stuff ready for sending out to the publishers. My Procrastination and Laziness keep getting in the way. I tried to lock them in a closet, but they jumped me, and not only messed me up enough to not write, but they stole my watch and laundry change too.


Anyhow, I need caffeine and a shower. Or a shower of caffeine?

Folk U!


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