Sunday, 7 December 2003

The 12 month of 2003...

Okay, erm , yeah, alright.

Back off people, I know it's been almost a month since my last entry!!! Don't you know some of us have lives!!!

Yes, I know my having a "life" can be argued...but I really have been busy-major papers worth large parts of grade, studying for finals this upcoming week, and moping around. It takes a lot out of a girl.

Speaking of taking a lot out of a girl-props to ma BC livin', Newfy born, wonderful woman who just had a bun pop out of the oven!!

Congratulations ma darlin', and all the best.

Ok, so, what's up in Newfy town?

Well, I survived my first Newfoundland snowstorm! It was crazy-the snow was pouring down, and the wind was whipping the snow cross-eyed! Most of the day, the snow looked like it was flying horizontally. So, while many Newfoundlanders actually stay in, Fair Venus decides to get the heck out the clamshell and head to work. Not understanding the concept of those little beebly-bobs that drawstring your hood to your face, I had a few issues with snow filling my hood. At many points during my trek to the bus stop, I was wishing that I had packed rum and flares into my backpack. The snow was blowing directly into my face, and I had to stop frequently and wipe the ol'specs clean so I could see where the fish-tailing cars were coming from. Crazy man.

When I finally made it to the bus stop and could turn my back to the wind, it was fine. The snow hit my back so hard it felt like a nice massage through my jacket. Note to self: buy wind pants. They have these wind-breaker pants that you put over your jeans or whatever, and I need to get some. All was warm and toasty, except my jeans were soaked. Mmmm, wet jeans. Comfy-time!

But, I did not let the weather defeat me! I feel that it will be my greatest and most deadly adversary...but it will find itself hard-pressed to keep me down! At least until I actually have to go out in it...then there may be some sniveling and quiet weeping on my part.

Apparently the bus drivers also feel the weather should not defeat their mad driving skills. Taking the #1 to the university, we ended up fish-tailing half the way. A woman got on at one stop, and the back end of the bus was half-way up the curb, and she patted the bus driver on the arm and said "Got your winter tires on?" Bus McDriver shouts out, "Winter tires?? Who needs 'em?" and peels out with the tires squealing in the snow. I was frantically looking for a pen in my bag so I could scramble a make-shift will onto my arm.

Must admit, it is pretty though. When I'm in my apartment, which due to health violations I have recently scrubbed and sorted, and can see the snow outside, it is kind of nice and cozy. Then you realize that you're trapped and if you want to go anywhere you have to face cold and ice and it might snow enough to block your window and you don't have snow pants and you only have half a bottle of port...I mean, half a liter of milk...yeah...milk..

Okay, not a lot, but just enough to tide you all for a week. I know how hard it is to get through your miserable lives with out a little ME to help you along!

Wow, my head is suddenly so heavy...neck straining...nose touching keyboard...AAAAGH!!


Head shrinking...neck looser...nose facing monitor again. Phew, that was a close one... to study-for real-now.


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